About Marta

“MARTA has something for everyone. A communal table for celebrations, intimate tables for couples, a bar area for drop-ins, and a piazza for those who love the sun. It’s a slice of Rome in Rushcutters Bay.

In my first Italian restaurant in Sydney, Popolo, I explored the southern Italian food of my childhood in Basilicata. Now, MARTA is a celebration of the infectious energy, flavours and wines of my adopted city of Rome.

Rome is where the hospitality bug bit me hard. I was addicted from my first shift to the food, wine, people and personalities of the Roman restaurateurs. There was no turning back and this is where I spent the next 10 years. Roman hospitality is casual, confident and joyful. Romans aren’t afraid to give you their opinion. It’s honest and informed service.

MARTA is about bringing the best of Roman Italian restaurants to Sydney. It’s my joy to share it with you. Alla caciara!” Flavio

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